Uniting local Muslims to benefit the wellbeing of our communities.

We are a group of Muslims. And we are one Ummah, regardless of our different racial back-grounds or Islamic sects. In the spring of 2012, we brought together local masjids along with a few Muslim-based organizations to help raise funds for the Humber River Hospital. Our goal is to lead and motivate the Muslim communities into giving back in ways that will benefit society as a whole.


A $250,000 pledge to aid in furnishing and equipping the Family Resource Area in the Cancer Portal at the new Humber River Hospital.

The participating organizations were drawn to the cause largely because of their proximity to the hospital. They are part of the local community that relies on the hospital’s services. The new campus will significantly improve the hospital’s services. Although the other two existing campuses will remain active, each one will operate certain functions. Over the course of five years, the group will run various events to fundraise for this project.

Our mission is to “unite local Muslims to benefit the wellbeing of our communities”.

This community initiative is pledged by a number of organizations that are simply working on behalf of the rest of the community.


To make a donation, please use the Humber River Hospital Foundation website here. To make sure your donations are appropriately designated, be sure to specify Muslim Friends of Humber.


To contact us for further information or to volunteer at any of our upcoming events please email us at info@muslimfriendsofhumber.com